Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quilt of Dreams
An Ebook by Mike Markey

Just wanted to introduce you to one of my ebooks, Quilt of Dreams. Hope you enjoy it.

Kristen Marsh dreams. By merely clutching something as she falls asleep at night her imagination conjures up a dream pertaining to the object in her hands. An amazing gift? To this ten-year-old it is more of a curse, even though it predicts an event in the future or explain one from the past.

When Kristen visits her grandparents' farm at Christmas, she snuggles at night beneath a patchwork quilt made of family remnants from eons ago. Imagine the dreams created by these scraps of cloth as she learns of a dark family secret. And now, today, she can right a wrong from the past.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quilt of Dreams - A Learning Tool?

A piece of literature can become a teachable moment.  And it suddenly struck me tonight that the moment can be discovered in Quilt of Dreams.  In a world of chaos we can overcome - one step at a time - in our own little way.  

And so it goes with young Kristen Marsh.  She can right a wrong, she can bring peace of mind to another human being.  Isn't this what our world means - and needs?  By the compassion in our hearts, can't we spread it around and make it all a better place for the lives of others?

I welcome any comments.  Like Kristen, you can make a difference - right here, right now.